Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles as Potential Diagnostic Agents for Colorimetric Detection of Pathogenic Infections

Global outbreaks of infections have called for the development of rapid and sensitive in vitro diagnostic methods. Highly virulent and transmissible diseases are responsible for the increased rate of morbidities and fatalities worldwide. An infectious spread is best contained by early diagnosis, disease-load monitoring, and contact tracing. Ordinary diagnostic methods are expensive, laborious, time-consuming, and have slow data output. Simple, cost-effective, and rapid technologies for disease identification and monitoring have become significant for restraining disease spread. For high throughput sample analysis and shorter turnover time, several molecular diagnostic methods have been developed in the past few years. Rapid colorimetric diagnostic tools have proven their reliability to detect biomarkers present in the specimen through visual identification of color change of an indicator [1].

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Author: Farhan J Ahmad