Placental Biometric Parameters: The Usefulness of Placental Weight Ratio and Birth/Placental Weight Ratio Percentile Curves for Singleton Gestations as a Function of Gestational age

Recently we have seen an increasing interest on the evaluation of biometric parameters of the placenta and its relation with the obstetric outcome. However, the relative lack of interest in the study of the placenta when compared to the fetal study was responsible for the existence of a great gap in the understanding of the biological significance of the placental lesions related to perinatal and neonatal context [1-5]. Macroscopic placental evaluation in the delivery room may improve a selection of placentas to histopathological study and, on the other hand, allow the evaluation of the placental weight (PW) and consequently the placental weight ratio (PWR) and birth/placental weight ratio (BPW-R). Knowing these are factors that may be associated with pregnancy complications [1- 5].

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Author: Rosete Nogueira

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